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دوبی را مرکز تجارت و سکس ساخته اند و انديشه ی آدمکشی را به افغانستان صادر می کنند!

19 می 2008, 21:21, توسط makawoanazonajanana

there’s a hotel in Bangkok to name of GRACE HOTEL located in sukhomvit soi 3 or nana nua , beside main sukhomvit road , there’s another small street who people call it , ARAB STREET , during all time you can find in this small street any kind of Arab ,. These Arab are not coming to Thailand for business . they come only for open sex of any kind , and lot of drugs in any quality and any quantity , DINO DISACO and GRACE HOTEL COFFE SHOP are one of those places in this earth, that since Vietnam war till now you can find any kind of dealers , even from weapon of mass destruction to a ordinary RPG and few hundred Kg of C4 , and from 10 years young girl till 60 year old women you can find in this place . and all this hotel including disco dino and legendry grace hotel coffee shop are belong to ARABS and there’s no one accept Arab are entertaining there self accept may be few freelance journalist or same one who never know he is way in crowded Bangkok ,. This was an example in Bangkok capitol city of Thailand . Arab have there street and disco and bar all round Thailand specially in pattaya city and chinagmai and 70% of prostitute are speaking very well Arab language and only yearly income of Thailand from Saudi tourist was 30 billion us$ . till few embassy member of Saudi embassy in Bangkok few years back was kidnapped and killed and then Saudi government send a man to name of khowaja and mr khowaja stop coming tourist from Saudi to Thailand . but they Saudi tourist now interring Thailand via Singapore and Malaysia .

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