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22 می 2008, 23:17, توسط makwoanazonajanana

one of the reason that Pakistani military give up there military operation in north west frontier against wazir and mahssod , or in total against Taliban in north Waziristan is the present of nearly 45% pashtun in Pakistani army , and Pakistani army with nearly 550000 active on duty soldier mad an strong and large military in the world . north west frontier of Pakistani pashtoon , since long time have there own economical and political issue with Pakistani government , and since long time they are in war against Islamabad . but they never had a strong leader like mahssod before . the evidence is show that the war in north west frontier who start it by Paacha khan and Ghafar khan and other “ tow head khan “ are taken a deferent kind of shape . “like from communisms to talibism in our country “ ,. from other said mullah omar need power to at least protect him self from NATO and Canadian forces , and to fight for so called freedom of Afghanistan from hand of American . in this moment CIA watch both of them , any one who come out stronger from this conflicts, going to be the next target of CIA and lead the pashtoon for more distraction against Pakistani people and people of Afghanistan , you never even imagine that a force of 30 thousand in combat gear and till nick under high grade weapon , going to put down there weapon and join a puppet government like karzai . or a forces of 30 thousand with back up of 25% pashton officer in high military rink , and 20% in normal rink in Pakistani army give up there target and set to talk peace with same one .

آنلاين بنگريد : ze har traf ka kushta showad sood islam asst .

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