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اقدام ديگر کريم خرم در مبارزه با آزادی بيان!

18 می 2008, 16:50, توسط Ahmad

Mr.Karim Khoram is not guilty, poor man is totally not qualify for this important position, you should blame Mr.Karzai why he appointed such blind and dough man for that key position. if karim Khoram is not qualify, which one in Karzai government is qualify? Spanta,Zarar,Wardak,Atmar,Ahadi,etc., all of them just wasting money and time of Afghan poor people, during 35 years suffered most of causalities . Afghanistan peoples need new dedicated leaders to use international help and money to bring development and progressive for Afghan people, not misuse all of golden opportunities and full their pockets.

Ahmad Kabulistani

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