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Ten Women Who Can Bring Change to Afghanistan Parliament

Tuesday 9 October 2018, by Kamran Mir Hazar

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In a few days, there will be a parliamentary election in so called country Afghanistan. Here are ten female candidates with clear background who can bring change to the parliament:

1. Zahra Sepehr

Zahra Sepehr is a well-known lawyer and activist defending the rights of children, women and oppressed people. She organized several protests in Kabul in support of victims of genocide and war crimes.
Zahra Sepehr has worked several years as a journalist, and now is nominated herself for the upcoming parliamentary election.

2. Zahra Yagana

Zahra Yagana is a well-known activist supporting the women and children rights. She is a green activist and planned many activities in Kabul to have a better environment. She is also a great supporter of victims who have lost their relative in suicide attacks.

3. Saleha Soadat

Saleha Soadat is a well-known multimedia journalist with many years of experience.

4. Shah Gul Rezaie

Shah Gul Rezaie is a well-known politician and a leader Enlightenment Movement for equal right. Enlightenment Movement had several protests in many cities including Kabul that that Afghanistan has never seen such in its entire history. One of the protests was targeted by terrorists and over 1000 peaceful demonstrators were killed and injured.

5. Razia Haidari

A brave woman from Kandahar where it the main base of terrorist group Taliban, Razia Haidari wants to bring change, equality and justice for all.

6. Nahid Farid

Nahid Farid is currently an active member of parliament. She is from Herat, and a good supporter of equality movements.

7. Tahmina Shuja

Tahmina Shuja is from Faryab, Turkistan. She is an activist and member of civil society in Faryab.

8. Raihana Azad

Raihana Azad is an activist and currently a member of parliament. She is a great support of equality and justice. She is a member of Enlightenment Movement and supports women and children rights.

9. Feroza Urozgani

Feroza Urozgani is from Urozgan where most of her fatherland is invaded by Pashtun tribes from Pakistan. She is an activist and wants to bring equality for all people regardless of their ethnic background.

10. Mina Naderi

Mina Naderi is a well-educated female candidate from Herat. She has worked several years as journalist and university professor. She wants to bring change by better education.

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Home > English > Human Rights > Ten Women Who Can Bring Change to Afghanistan Parliament

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